Zales NFT

Zales is a unique digital aqua collection of diverse NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain, which has 3 Chapters. Zales Chapter I was a MATIC reward system where collectors earned MATIC from collecting combinations of fish. Zales Chapter II is "Fish Fry" where you can burn and craft into higher wave fish. Any 3 Zales I NFTs can be burnt and crafted into Zales II waves 1-6. Waves 7-9 are only available through public sale, on May 8th for 100 MATIC. After those 9 waves are released, crafting into waves 10-13 will be made available. These will be the hardest fish to craft, but will be well worth it for those lucky enough to do so. Zales Chapter III is a play to earn game where all Zales Chapter I and Chapter II NFTs can be used to play.


Zales NFT

Zales II has 13 different fish kinds. Can you craft your NFTs all the way up to wave 13?

Zales II holders will receive an airdrop of ZALES tokens. 200 tokens per wave 1-6 crafted. 600 tokens per wave 7-9 minted from sale.

Zales token will be backed with liquidity and can be used to play the game each day. Potentially used for future mints or item releases.

Zales token can also be earned in Zales III game on a daily basis. Will you be victorious?

Zales II

Zales NFT

Zales II holders receive $ZALE token per day for reward

Zales NFT

$ZALE token can be used to purchase items, future mint, or exchange to ETH

Zales NFT

$ZALE token can be used in Zales III game too

Zales III is play-to-earn game, you earn $ZALE in game


Zales II crafting waves 1-6 opens.

Zales II mint of waves 7-9 at 100 MATIC May 8th.

Zales II snapshot taken for ZALES token airdrop.

Zales II crafting for waves 10-13 opens.

Liquidity is added to a dex before game launch.

Zales III (game launch) is released.

Zales TEAM

  • Jack
  • Adam
  • Dan